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1. Background of birth

When I was a 10th grade boy in a backward countryside, in 2011 I began to cherish the dream of creating a website for myself. I saved money for almost half a year of school and bought myself the first phone in my life – an old Nokia 6288.

But is very soon, this dream quickly fell apart. Because the boy’s level at that time was still low, his eagerness to play along with almost no funding and a difficult free web server service to develop.

Abount us - Background of birth
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Eight years later, in 2019, when I finished my university program, became more mature, more mature, had a stable job, I returned to fulfill my dream again… Although I didn’t study about the web, I still want to build a useful website for everyone. With little experience accumulated little by little, the site finally went live.

In 2021, after summarizing all my experience and knowledge, I made a decision that changed everything. I discovered my principles of action and the ideals that I aspire to. They become the basis of all of my decisions. The redundant things on the website, the worthless rambling articles are all deleted, bringing the website back to the right trajectory. I’m still trying to improve… how about you? …

2. Working principle: The user is the most important

More than anyone else, I understand the importance of users. No matter how big or small the website is, what topic it is, what product it sells,… it needs users. While you may not be generating any income for me, you took the time to read my post, which proves its worth it. One day, I believe I’ll get the same value back.

3. Ideal: Sharing Values ​​- Connecting Passions

3.1 Sharing Values

Saigonpho.vn provides the best quality, most realistic posts, which have undergone rigorous censorship – That’s the value we share with you.

You view, share posts, view ads, comment, … those are the values ​​that we receive. They may not be valuable at the moment, but may become invaluable in the future.

3.2 Connecting Passions

A person is playing a game - About us
A person is playing a game (Illustration images)

You may not have thought about it: The game brought you to this site. No matter who you are, what you are doing, what country you live in, the game has created an opportunity for you and me to talk together. That’s interesting.

We share the same passion and I want to connect with more people with the same passion.

A few lines to share – Thuong Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh, May 18, 2021

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