Action games


Action games emphasize physical challenges, including eye-hand coordination and reaction time. It includes games that involve action sequences, which may contain elements of violence. For example, chasing, shooting and killing, fighting, enhancing the character’s fighting ability in each large area. There are little elements of strategic thinking and decoding complex messages.

At least once, you’ve played action games, right?

Street Fighter V - Phần 5 của tựa game đối kháng nổi tiếng một thời
Street Fighter V – Part 5 of the game Stress Fighter – the famous fighting game

The ability to react quickly and a smooth combination of hands, eyes, ears is the key to victory in this game genre. Therefore, sometimes young gamers are easy to get used to the game while more experienced adults often do not play well.

The action game consists of many smaller branches. For example, fighting games, platform games, shooting games, survival games, etc. Often have interference with the role-playing game (RPG).

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