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City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline

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City Island 5 is a city-building game in the Sparkling Society series of the same name.

If you are looking for an offline city building game, City Island 5 is the most accurate choice.

1. Information

Beautiful city building game …
… many islands with different terrain …
… diverse constructions, completely free!
Game nameCity Island 5
Developed bySparkling Society
Category2D games, Offline games,
Simulation games
PlatformWindows, Android, iOS

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2. Review

Applicable to City Island 5 version 3.13.1 updated on May 17, 2021, there may be changes in a later version.

2.1 Positive

  • Can be played online and offline.
  • Able to own many islands with different terrains. Each type of terrain has different constructions.
  • Sign in to Google Play to save progress and play across devices.
  • Achievements and daily quests with attractive rewards are of great help to new players.
  • You can convert money into gold and buy any buildings sold in the shop and all kinds of chests.
  • Ads are few and have ads that double the rewards of viewing.
  • Each building can be upgraded to Lv10.
  • Make friends and visit friends’ homes.
  • Bonus event with new building every week.
  • You can store keys and open all kinds of chests.
  • Weather changes: Rain, fog, snow…
  • Supports 23 languages, including English.
Building Upgrades - Build a beautiful city - City Island 5
Building upgrades – Build a beautiful city

2.2 Note

The game does not have too many shortcomings, but there are still some notes when playing:

  • Players do not need to play the game much but still have to enter the game often to collect money.
  • Making money can be a bit difficult when you first start, you should spend reasonable bonuses when you first play.
  • The game has many terrains but only in grassy terrain is easy to build. The remaining terrain, corresponding works are both expensive and lacking, very difficult to develop.
  • It’s a bit inconvenient to switch to another island although it’s pretty fast.
  • There is no quick-cash button and you get nothing back when you destroy the building.
An island with three terrain types has just been unlocked
An island with three terrain types has just been unlocked

3. Description

3.1 Overview

City Island 5 is a city building game in the City Island game series of Sparkling Society. In the game, like a mayor, you send your hot air balloon away and unlock islands, buy land, build and evolve them. Each island has its own terrain and works corresponding to each type of terrain. When you enter the game, you start from scratch and gradually develop into a large city.

Unlike other games of the same genre, with City Island 5, as long as you have enough money and Lv to be able to build buildings. You do not need to collect items, take care of buildings or farm, … What you need to consider are 3 indicators: Happiness level, population and number of employees.

Building community facilities such as Post office, Police station, City hall, Fire department, etc. will increase happiness level of the city. A happy city will attract more people to live in, these new people all need a place to live and work…

3.2 Buildings

There are 4 types of buildings:

  • Residential: Increasing the amount of population in the city
  • Commercial: Make money, increase the number of employees. Note: Number of employees ≤ Population
  • Community: Increases happiness index for the city. To put it more easily, this indicator is the maximum number of population that the city can accommodate. The number of people that surpass this index makes people unhappy anymore.
  • Decorations: Can not raise Lv, mainly for decoration. Can increase happiness index.
City Island 5 - Items in the Diamond chest
Items in the Diamond chest

In addition, buildings are also divided into 3 categories according to their rarity: Buildings, rare buildings, ultra rare buildings.

  • Buildings: Buy with cash, available in the shop.
  • Rate Buildings: Buy with gold, with a rotating pentagon on top.
  • Ultra Rate Buildings: Available only when opening Diamond chests, event, recharge.

No need recharge, you can still collect all 3 types of works above.

I just introduce a little bit. More interesting things, you play and experience by yourself.

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