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Dystopia – Contest of heros

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Dystopia is a phrase to refer to a future society that develops in a negative direction, for survival, people are corrupted.

Join Conor McGregor and his army to fight evil enemies as the world is destroyed in this RTS online title.

1. Information

Dystopia - Xây dựng và nâng cấp căn cứ
Build and upgrade your base…
Dystopia - Nghiên cứu phòng thủ và phát triển quân đội
…defense research, military development…
Dystopia - Đánh bại mọi đối thủ của bạn
…Beat all of your opponents!
Game nameDystopia: Contest of heros
Developed bySIA Beetroot Lab
Category2D games, Online games, Strategy games
PlatformWindows, Android, iOS

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2. Review

Applicable to Dystopia version 2.0.2 updated on June 22, 2021, there may be changes in a later version.

2.1 Positive

  • An Internet connection is required to play. You can attack other players, join alliances, make friends, chat with players around the world.
  • Graphics are better than many games of the same genre.
  • 5 types of resource buildings, 15 types of defensive buildings, 7 types of military buildings and 12 different types of decorative buildings for you to “show off” to arrange.
  • Most buildings will change shape after you upgrade, the more beautiful the upgrade later (except for decorative buildings that cannot be upgraded).
Do daily quests to level up VIP - Dystopia
Do daily quests to level up VIP – Dystopia
  • Highly tactical with 7 commanders, 7 types of soldiers and 6 different machines. Each unit has its own pros and cons and no unit is superfluous or outdated.
  • Collect and upgrade legendary weapons for your leader.
  • There are free effects for VIP and you can do quests to upgrade VIP but to level up is not easy. Free effects can support up to 4 construction robots to help you build buildings faster.
  • You can buy monthly VIP and get extra premium effects for 192,000 VND/month.
  • There are daily quests and achievements with attractive rewards. There are both daily login bonuses and online bonuses.
  • Link to Google Play or Facebook.
  • Supports 20 languages, including English.
  • The game has built a large community of players on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

A well-invested game with only 500,000 downloads is a bit small. If you like it, don’t hesitate to download it!

2.2 Note

The game has no shortcomings but there are some notes when playing:

  • Building upgrades take a long time, later, it takes more time, especially the Core. My core level 14 takes 6 days to upgrade to lvl15, most other buildings need more than 10 hours to a day to upgrade. The game is not suitable for those of you who do not like to wait.
  • The game is played for a long time rather monotonous, with little activity to do. Mainly is still recruiting troops to fight.
  • The wall is the only building that doesn’t take time to upgrade. But in large quantities, its price is very expensive.
Resources needed to upgrade The core to lv15 - Dystopia
Resources needed to upgrade The core to lv15

3. Description

The game is set in a post – apocalyptic world where society is being controlled by large corporations. You have what it takes to build an empire by taking over the boroughs of New York (the campaign) collecting sci-fi themed gear, raiding other players, and upgrading your base. Develop alliances and lead members to economic growth, assist them in raids or wage wars against other alliances.

Dystopia can be seen as a template for strategy games with all the elements: Building, developing bases, researching, upgrading buildings, soldiers, leaders, fighting for development resources. … Along with that is a blend of RPG elements such as the ability to choose kills in battle…

If you enjoy playing strategy games with friends, Dystopia: Contest of heros is the epic new RTS game for you!

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