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Evo Pop – A new breeze in the genre of physics strategy games

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Evo Pop – A new breeze in the genre of physics strategy games

In Evo Pop, you transform into an Evo, with your magical magic you have to try to grow strong and knock your opponents.

Evo Pop – Strategy game with bold physical elements, will satisfy any player who likes this genre.

1. Information

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Collect and upgrade rare Evo…
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…fight and win your opponents…
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…Join the season to receive attractive prizes!
Game nameEvo Pop
Developed byZeptoLab
Category2D games, Offline games, Strategy games
PlatformAndroid, iOS
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2. Review

Applicable to Evo Pop version 2.5 updated on Jun 11, 2021, there may be changes in a later version.

2.1 Positive

  • Can be played both online and offline.
  • There are regular events and it is not difficult to get many attractive rewards.
  • Fewer ads, ads with bonus chests.
  • The game has physics elements, very fun and full of creativity. This is probably the common point of games developed by ZeptoLab.
  • Graphics are not fussy. There are all 14 maps and 14 types of Evo (also updated in newer versions)
  • The special trophy calculation mechanism causes players to change, unable to play an Evo forever.
  • Support 7 kinds of languages, including English.
Map Forest in Evo Pop
Map Forest in Evo Pop

2.2 Note

The game does not have shortcomings, but there are a few notes when playing:

  • You have a maximum of 5 mana equivalent to 5 turns, recovering 1 mana every 15 minutes.
  • Every turn, you earn 10 gold regardless of winning or losing. If there are no other rewards, this number is a bit small, because the upgrade cost is getting higher and higher

3. Description

In this game, you will become an Evo – the name of a special creature in the game – and compete with 2 other players. These Evos come in many varieties with the ability to grow and divide quickly with 4 special kills. The large Evo is capable of eating up the smaller Evo of the opponent. There are 3 ways to win:

  • Dividing into the fastest 300 Evo.
  • Kill 2 opponents in the game screen.
  • When the countdown (3 minutes) ends, a stream of water will slowly rise and kill Evo. Now you just need to take the highest position to win. It sounds virtual.
Evo màu hồng của đối thủ đang ra kill nhưng không có tác dụng lắm - Evo Pop
Evo màu hồng của đối thủ đang ra kill nhưng không có tác dụng lắm

In addition, the map and weather can also affect more or less during the game. Plants (depending on type) can help you cooldown faster or split faster. Heavy rain can cause the water level to rise, killing all submerged Evos before the end times. There are many more interesting things, let’s play and find out.

P/s: The secret of winning the game is to focus on increasing the size of Evo before increasing the number. Its large size helps Evos dominate the battle and occupy many areas. Except, of course, for a few special Evo types as Turtle or when you have a more effective strategy.

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