How to download and play Minecraft 1.16.5 for free

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Minecraft is a game to build, survive in a world full of zombies, spiders, skeletons, … Join the game, you will play the role of a guy named Steve. You will have to craft items, to build, to fight … in a world full of danger.

The game has no specific missions or instructions. There is also no plot, only a leaderboard that few people care about. You can survive your way, creating what you want. This is also what makes me “addicted” to the game for many years now. If you are afraid of addiction, don’t play it.

Game Minecraft - How to download and play Minecraft 1.16.5 for free
Game Minecraft

1. Download Minecraft license – Premium Account (Premium)

1.1 Buy games on the store

Minecraft is a famous game and can be played on many different platforms from PC to smartphone … You can go to the store on your device, type the keyword “Minecraft” to find and buy games. Depending on whether you play on your PC or phone, the game price will vary. On Windows 10, the game is priced at 699,900 VND and 1,109,900 VND depending on the add-on packages provided.

Here is a list of all authorized digital sellers of Minecraft:

  • Minecraft.net
  • The Microsoft Store 
  • The Xbox Marketplace 
  • The PlayStation Store 
  • The Nintendo eShop 
  • The Google Play Store 
  • The iOS App Store 
  • Amazon.com 
  • Oculus Digital Store 
  • NetEase

1.2 Buy game at homepage minecraft.net

  1. Visit the site: minecraft.net (English).
  2. Select GET MINECRAFT, choose the type of device and platform you are using.
    For example: COMPUTER >> LINUX.
  3. Sign in or sign up for a Mojang account. Should use real email, with real confirmation. At the moment it is still free, only if you buy the game will you need to pay.
  4. Choose a payment method and make your payment. There are many payment methods here, but personally I find Credit Card and Paypal more convenient. I will write about this in another article.
  5. Download and play.
Minecraft Premium -  How to download and play Minecraft 1.16.5 for free
Minecraft Premium


  • The current Mojang account is also the Minecraft account. All Minecraft accounts purchased before December 1, 2020 are attached to a Mojang account.
  • New accounts after December 1, 2020 are linked to a Microsoft account. You will be prompted to link your Microsoft account after purchasing the game.

1.3 Buy a Minecraft Premium account on the “black market”

Except for the two ways above, you can also buy a Minecraft Premium account on some websites or groups on facebook for only a third or even a few dollars. However, I do not encourage you to buy this ways because:

  • You can easily be fooled because most of the websites, facebook groups, … above do not have anything that can guarantee you at all.
  • These accounts are of unknown origin. Maybe because the old player stopped playing and should resell it, maybe because of hacking, cheating,…
  • Some accounts cannot be used for a long time, maybe a few days, weeks or months, the game experience is fine, but long-term play is not.
  • You may be banned from playing on licensed servers at any time.

1.4 Why should buy a Minecraft Premium account?

  • Change skin in offline and online modes, including cape.
  • It is possible to play online at copyright servers around the world such as Hypixel, Mineplex, … These servers are professional, with lots of players and high quality of service.
  • Get support from forums, customer care, …
  • Long-term gaming peace of mind, you will not lose any more fees.
  • If you are a Youtuber, buying a Premium account shows your professionalism and investment.
  • Using free launchers or purchasing “black market” accounts may be against the law in many countries (including Vietnam).
Some premium servers are available to play online
Some premium servers are available to play online

2. Minecraft download for free (*)

(*) This post I only guide to download Tlauncher, and some other launchers I will write in another post.

You can play the game for free by using the cracked version of Launcher (the program that starts the game) for PC. Because the current Minecraft game is constantly updated, these Launcher versions are becoming less and less popular due to not keeping up with the update progress of the game. In this post, I guide you to download Tlauncher to play Minecraft for free. Tlauncher homepage: https://tlauncher.org/en/

2.1 Advantages of Tlauncher

  • Smooth game, less errors.
  • Installation is easy, allowing to automatically install Java if your computer does not have one.
  • Forge, Optifine will install automatically, all you need to do is select the version only.
  • Tlauncher constantly updates, you can play the latest versions of the game.
  • Skin supported, easy to install and use.
  • Both PC and phone versions are available. However, on phones TLauncher PE only provides addon, texture, skin, seed, … only, can’t play the game for free.
  • Offers a few other paid features and also features for Premium accounts. I have not tried these things, so I will not say much.

2.2 Download Tlauncher and play the game

  1. Go to homepage Tlauncher, select Download Minecraft
Download and play Minecraft for free with Tlauncher - How to download and play Minecraft 1.16.5 for free
Download and play Minecraft for free with Tlauncher

2. Choose the version you want to download, it’s best to choose the latest version

Choose the latest version of Minecraft
Choose the latest version of Minecraft

3. Scroll down, select the Download version that matches your computer’s operating system. I use Windows so I will choose Download (Windows). The download is very quick.

Select the corresponding operating system and click Download
Select the corresponding operating system and click Download

If you do not like to read news or choose complicated version, you can click the button below to directly download the current latest version 1.16.5 and go to step 4:

4. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and run the setup file you just downloaded. Just click Continue is fine. If your computer does not have Java installed, it will automatically download for you. Otherwise you will have to go here: https://www.java.com/en/download/ and manually download Java. You must download Java to play the game.

Download and install
Download and install

5. After completing the installation process, Tlauncher interface as shown below. You enter a name and select a version to play. By default it will choose the latest version. Click “Install” to download. Only the first time you need to download it, just press “Enter the game” for the next time.

Post update: Currently on Tlauncher has snapshot version 21w10a (1.17), you download it to play. I tested it, and the game was quite smooth. Wish you have fun playing the game.

Choose username and game version to play
Choose username and game version to play

Note: With Tlauncher, you can download and play full Minecraft for free. But to use the premium functions that only Tlauncher offers, you need to pay, for example: Capes, cartoon capes, HD skin, …

6. Enter the game and play.

Enter the game and start the game - How to download and play Minecraft 1.16.5 for free
Enter the game and start the game

Video tutorials here.

Note: Laws regarding the use of Tlauncher differ from country to country. We do not encourage or tolerate the use of this program if it violates the law.

Comments and bug reports here

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