How to download Tlauncher to play Minecraft 1.17.1 for free

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This post guides you to download and play Minecraft 1.17.1 with Tlauncher completely free. What are the advantages of Tlauncher and what to keep in mind when using this launcher.

1. What is Launcher?

You can play Minecraft Java for free using PC launcher versions. Because the Minecraft game is constantly being updated, the launchers are becoming less and less due to not keeping up with the update progress of the game.

In this post, I guide you to download Tlauncher, which is a launcher that appeared a long time ago and has a large number of users due to the great features it brings.

2. Advantages of Tlauncher

  • Smooth game, few errors.
  • Easy installation, allowing automatic installation of Java if your computer does not have it.
  • Forge, Optifine will automatically install, all you need to do is select the version only.
  • Tlauncher is constantly updated, you can play the latest versions of the game.
  • Skin support, easy skin installation and use, in addition, you can use a cape.
Some skins in Tlauncher
Some skins in Tlauncher
  • There are versions for PC and smartphones. However, on smartphones TLauncher PE only provides addons, textures, skins, seeds, … Can’t play games for free.
  • If you have a Minecraft Premium account, you can still take advantage of it.
  • Provide some other paid features like animated capes, HD skins, … and even features for Premium accounts. I haven’t tried these yet so I won’t say much.

** Copyright note: Laws regarding the use of Tlauncher vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it violates the law.

3. Instructions for downloading Tlauncher

  1. You visit the Tlauncher homepage , go to Download Minecraft to choose the most suitable version. Or, you can click the button below to download the latest version of Tlauncher (source: Tlauncher.org).
Homepage Tlauncher.org -How to download Tlauncher to play Minecraft for free
Homepage Tlauncher.org

2. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and run the setup file you just downloaded.. Just click Continue and you’ll be fine. If Java is not installed on your computer, it will automatically download Java. Otherwise you will have to go here: www.java.com/en/download and download Java manually. You must have Java to play this game.

Settings interface of Tlauncher - How to download Tlauncher to play Minecraft for free
Settings interface of Tlauncher

3. After the installation is complete, the Tlauncher interface is displayed as shown below. You enter the name and select the version to download. By default it will choose the latest version. Click Install to download Minecraft. Only need to download the first time, then just press Enter the game to play.

The interface of Tlauncher when entering the game for the first time - How to download Tlauncher to play Minecraft for free
The interface of Tlauncher when entering the game for the first time

4. Enter the game and play right away. 😋😋

Go to the game and play
Go to the game and play

Note: With Tlauncher, you can download and play Minecraft for free. But to use the more advanced functions provided by Tlauncher, you need to pay a fee, for example: Cartoon capes, HD skins, …

Video tutorial I will add later.

4. How to choose Minecraft version

To play the snapshots version, install Forge, Optifine, go to Settings (bottom right). In the Version list section, there are the following items:

  • Show Snapshots: Show snapshots version, you can discover new features added. However, they are unstable, buggy, and subject to change in the future.
  • Show modified: Display pre-installed versions of Forge, OptiFine, … If you like installing more mods, this option can’t be ignored.
  • Show old releases: Releases version, but very old. Don’t select it if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Show Beta (2010-2011): Pre-release betas, similar to Old releases, aren’t recommended.
  • Show Alpha (2010): Test version before Beta, not recommended.

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After you stick it in, these versions will appear in the version selection. Wish you have fun playing the game. The skin and cape I will write in the next post. Please follow and support.

Tlauncher homepage:

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