Minecraft: The world of creation

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1. Game information

Minecraft: The world of creation
Minecraft game
Game nameMinecraft
CreatorMarkus Alexej Persson
Name in the game: Notch
CategorySurvival, Open world
PlatformWindows, Linux, Android, iOS,…

2. Summary review

2.1 Advantages

In game

  • Unlimited maps, allowing limitless exploration and creativity.
  • You can play in many different ways: PvP, build, explore, create, … and play the way you like.
  • Can be played offline alone or online with many other players.
  • Many items, creatures with diverse habitats.

Interesting 😉😉: Minecraft game currently has 112 million players per month, a huge increase compared to a year ago. Minecraft is also the most viewed game on Youtube with more than 100 billion views.

Out game

  • You can install more mods, add-ons, resource packs, maps, skins, … Helping the game become more new, more attractive, more suitable for you than the original. There are hundreds of thousands of such options on mc-vn.net, 9minecraft.net, minecraft.novaskin.me, planetminecraft.com,… make sure you never get bored.
  • Huge community of Minecraft players worldwide will be ready to answer all your questions as long as you find the right place.
  • With a little knowledge, a modest cost, you can easily create a server to play online with friends.
Planet Minecraft - website about maps, skins in Minecraft
Planet Minecraft – website about maps, skins in Minecraftrang Planet Minecraft

2.2 Disadvantages

  • You need to remember the recipe and usage of some special items as well. That is difficult for new players. Meanwhile, the game also has no specific instructions.
  • At first, you can play out of curiosity and want to learn everything. Time after that, when playing you have to set a goal for yourself and complete it otherwise the game will be extremely boring.
  • The world in the game is made up of blocks, it looks square and not very nice.

3. Game description

3.1 The Minecraft world is almost limitless

Steve and Alex
Steve and Alex

New to join the game, you will play the role of Steve (left) or Alex (right).Appear in the vast world made up of square blocks – typical of Minecraft. There are so many things in this world for you to explore. From animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, … to zombies, spiders, skeletons, … Trees, flowers, … and other available buildings like a real world.

Minecraft’s maps are actually limited, but the map’s limits are vast. In theory, Minecraft is a 32-bit game, the largest map can generate 68,719,476,736 blocks. In fact, Minecraft’s largest map could be 60,000,000 blocks or 30,000,000 blocks from zero.

Overworld - The main world where the player lives, contains everything necessary for life.
Overworld – The main world where the player lives, contains everything necessary for life

If 1 block was 1 meter, it would be 60,000 Km. You may not know, the circumference of the Earth is only 40,075 Km. As for the area, the Earth with an area of ​​510,100,000 km² is only 1/7 of the area of ​​Minecraft world.

However, you don’t need to worry about these numbers. Actually, during game play, if you just like building and crafting, normally you will only operate for a few thousand blocks only. If you love to explore, explorer you can play in about 20,000 blocks back. That’s not to mention, your computer can lag and be unable to play anymore when it goes too far beyond the limit the machine can handle.

In addition to the Overworld, in the game, you can create (or find) portals to go into two other worlds: Nether and The End. These two places are more dangerous but contain items and creatures that the Overworld is rare or absent.

Nether - Minecraft
The end - Minecraft
The end

3.2 Game with many game modes

Survival mode

In this mode, you will have the health bar and the food bar. Your goal now is to live as long as possible. You will have to search for ingredients to craft, hunt, build, fight, explore … while maintaining your health condition so as not to die.

Survival mode in Minecraft
Survival mode in Minecraft

Meanwhile, zombies, spiders, skeletons, … find ways to hunt down and destroy you every time it gets dark. Not only that, but also many other threats that only when playing the game will you know. This is also the main and most commonly used mode of the game.

Creative mode

Creative mode plays a big role in the game Minecraft. If you are a player who just likes to build, experiment with something new, … and are fed up with survival, this mode is a great choice.

Screenshot of a map in Minecraft
Screenshot of a map in Minecraft (map name unknown)

You don’t need a blood bar or food anymore. You have endless resources to build anything you want. Freedom to fly anywhere without fear of being bothered by zombies. You can use the cheat code to create something new, get items that the original survival mode couldn’t get. Build massive and beautiful works that you do not dare to dream of in the survival mode.

Normally, you have to be a good player or know a lot about Minecraft to be suitable for playing in this mode. Because in order to create something useful, you must first have a certain understanding, otherwise it can only be destructive for fun. Like me, in the past, my favorite thing was holding TNT to explode everywhere. 😀😀

Hardcore mode

Similar to survival mode, but a lot more difficult. If you find survival mode too easy then super hard mode is for you. This mode increases the difficulty of survival to a new level:

  • You have only one life. After you die you will automatically switch to spectator mode – like a ghost – to review your entire world before you delete it.
  • The attack power of zombies, skeletons, spiders, … is set at the highest level.
  • You cannot use the command. This means you cannot switch to another mode while in super difficulty.
  • Starting chests will not be available to you, you have to find everything you need when entering the game.
The game ends when the player dies - Hardcore mode
The game ends when the player dies – Hardcore mode

Other game modes

Besides the 3 main game modes above, the game still has 2 more hidden modes: spectator mode and adventure mode. The reason I call it “hidden” is because these 2 modes are not included in the option when starting the game.

  • Adventure mode This adventure mode appears mainly when you play adventure maps. This mode is meant to limit what players can do to prevent the world from being destroyed before reaching the goal of the map. You can only switch to Adventure mode using the command.
  • Spectator mode You will automatically go into spectator mode after you die in super hard mode. You can also use the command to switch. For me, this mode is only used to find caves, chests in mines, the gate to The end, … besides, it has no other effect. You can use this mode to let other players visit your map without fear of them destroying.

(Quảng cáo) Top sản phẩm về Minecraft đẹp, bán chạy trên Shopee

3.3 Diverse activities in the game

Although the game’s graphics are somewhat disappointing, it is very simple and somewhat childish. But the activities in the game are extremely rich, not simple at all. It can cause you to do one thing after another without stopping.

  • Build houses, castles, farms, … through lots of building and decorating blocks.
  • Cultivating, taming and propagating domestic animals and mounts.
  • Build automatic production machines, secret doors, vehicles, … thanks to redstone devices.
  • Make your equipment more powerful through enchantments. There are more than 40 types of enchantments for you to collect and upgrade types.
  • Dispensing potions, throwing potions of all kinds and using them (like witches). There are 16 potions in all, not to mention Mundane Potion, Awkward Potion and Thick potion.
  • Joining some online servers, plowing equipment, PvP with friends is not bad.
  • And many great things that I have not been able to tell …

3.4 Play with your friends

Minecraft Wallpaper - Created on Novaskin
Minecraft Wallpaper – Created on Novaskin

Great if you can join a few friends in the game, create beautiful structures, go fishing or PvP together. The game can be played offline alone or online with many players on the same server very easily.

You can also create a server and invite your friends to play the same world. Unfortunately, to do this you need to download additional third-party software and the installation is quite complicated. I will write these in another post.

Comments and bug reports here

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