2D games


2D games don’t change the camera rotation angle and don’t have (or very little) involvement of 3-dimensional effects such as light, reflection, shadow … Type of games scroll the map horizontally and straight. Besides, from the characters, the foreground, the background, … of the 2D game are like a paper cut cartoon (everything is from drawings on paper).

In the past few months, a series of 3D games with surreal and beautiful 3D graphics have been released to Vietnamese gamers. The situation is like that, but the position of 2D games in the hearts of gamers has not decreased. There are many advantages that make them always popular such as:

Shakes & Fidget - Một tựa game 2D có lịch sử lâu đời
Shakes & Fidget – A 2D game with a long history

♦ Configuration requirements are much lower than 3D games, easier to reach more gamers. Smooth game brings a better game experience.

♦ The cost and effort for 2D games are less, the technical factors are also less. Manufacturers can “boldly” invest in new ideas. Individual game developers can also create games that make this game more diverse in quantity and quality.

♦ Fixed camera does not have to rotate continuously in the direction of view, making gamers less eye-strain. Their feeling when playing games for a long time is also better because of that.

♦ 2D games often start quickly and decisively, while 3D games are often picky in character creation, dialogue, tasks, etc. That makes gamers with little time to play feel uncomfortable.

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