Android games


To easily download games or apps on your smartphone, you need an online store. If you are using an Android device, then surely you have Google Play Store (CH Play) already.

This is the leading Android application store in the world, developed and maintained by Google since October 22, 2008. The most recent number of apps available in the Google Play Store was 3,04 million apps (*)

Under the strict censorship and policies of Google, the game on the store always ensures quality. That is the same thing that contributes to the success of Google Play today.


But that’s not all, Google Play is not unique either.

You can find Android games on other online stores such as Apptoide, Amazon App Store, Opera App Store, … They all have their own strengths, gaining a certain foothold in the hearts of tech enthusiasts.


What’s more, some game studios can distribute Android games on their website without a store. Like Epic Games.

(*) According to Statista in February 2021.