Construction and management games


Are you looking for a city building game to play on your phone (computer)? If so, you have come to the right place.


Construction and management simulation (CMS) is an offshoot of simulation games. In the game, the player must build, expand and manage buildings with a meager number of resources produced.

What’s so wonderful about sitting and relaxing, sipping a cup of coffee while taking care of your own kingdom.

City Island 5 - Build your own city
City Island 5 – Build your own city

Unlike other genres, with construction and management games, the longer you play, the better it becomes, the more easily addicted it is. This type of game, when played, takes a little time and usually does not play continuously. Therefore, the game does not affect your work or study.


The feeling of building and developing a beautiful city of your own is not bad. Scroll down and find a game to get started!